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Today plinky asks: “What foods will you never develop an acquired taste for? What about drinks?

This will probably be the easiest blog post I’ve ever written…because you see, I am a picky eater.

I hear most people grow out of it….not me. I’m not your average run of the mill picky eater either, I was that kid growing up that would only eat like 5 foods. At this point you are probably thinking “Why didn’t her parents just refuse to fix her what she wanted and make her eat something else” I’m sure they tried, but I wouldn’t budge. Turns out I’m not the first extremely picky eater in my family either… You see my Great-Grandfather was just the same. He only ate certain foods, his foods could NEVER touch, and if he didn’t like the way something felt he wouldn’t eat it. All the way up until the day he died….

I’ve heard it all the whole “It’ll just mix in your stomach” and “Its the same food” and “But your hamburger bun is touching the meat” and it’s never changed a thing…. I don’t know why certain foods are ok to touch and some aren’t. Its just the way it is. There are things that are ‘ok’ to touch and things that aren’t. And there are certain foods I won’t eat just because of the texture of the food….

I do NOT eat fish. I don’t eat shell fish, sea fish, or fresh water fish. Period. Ever. Its been that way since I was like 4 or 5?

I also can’t stand smoothies…. yuck

Its really hard for me to eat yogurt…

So there you have it, the confessions of a 20 year old picky eater 😛 (with a little OCD thrown in for good measure)

Until next time,