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We’ve all been there before I’m sure, its 11:00pm and you aren’t tired, well thats okay you’ll just do something and go to bed a little late….then midnight passes, then 1 and so forth and so on…. Insomnia gets the best of us when its least convenient, and least in my experience.  If I NEED to stay up all night I can’t keep my eyes open. And if I need to go to bed I’m wide awake. More than a little ironic and annoying.

When I can’t sleep I tend to do one of a few things….

1.) Read ~ This is probably the most common one, of course it can be counter productive to sleep because if the book gets too good I have a hard time putting it down…

2.) Listen to music ~ usually while reading, and most often it’s classical music….

3.) Have random late night conversations with my BFFs (if one of them is up :P)

4.) journal

5.) watch random shows on netflix/hulu

So what do you do when you can’t sleep? Todays topic brought to you by plinky

Until next time,