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Its been awhile (as you know) since I wrote anything, and I’ve been trying to play catch up today… (Although thats not going very well) So I thought I’d do a little ‘this and that’ post, just a random improv of whats been going on the past week or some, random musings, and whatever else it takes me. Most likely this post will be un-edited so fasten your seat belts and lets get this show on the road!!

GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! For the first time in like 5 years we have air conditioning! We’ve had spotty a/c over the last 5 summers and despite everything we’ve never been able to get the landlord to get it properly fixed…. So far its been working almost 24 hours!! Might not sound like much but yesterday at this time the house temp was over 95* INSIDE!! And today is in the mid 70s. I’m pretty excited about this as you can tell 😀

The 4th of June was Briana’s 12th birthday, both her and Emily will be 12 until Emily turns 13 on July 1st (yeah, they are both 12 right now) we didn’t do anything too major. Just the usual family tradition of Briana getting to pick what we ate for dinner and such (she wanted JUST BBQ pork chops and ice cream…normally I was have insisted on a veggie but it was just one meal for her birthday)

We’ve already had a little bit of summer fun! Last Monday I laid out in the yard reading ‘Pride and Prejudice’ and ended up with a lovely (read: not) sunburn on my back and legs…. Totally awful and then 2 days later we went to a water park and had a ton of fun. We took one of the girls friends with us and they had a blast. The water was a little cold, but it got hot enough that it was nice. And JUST as the park closed it started raining…

Other than that things have been rather quiet around here….

School out and whatnot so really not much going on….

Got to see X-Men First Class and it was totally amazing!

Well, I guess thats about it… I’ve gotta go figure out what to make for supper…

Until next time,