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I have a lovely friend named Caitlin who goes by @ElectricCaitlin on twitter and writes the awesome blog “To Make Love Stay” who has given me permission to use a wonderful idea from her blog “Some letters I’ve been meaning to write” I just LOVE this idea (who knows, it might come back more than once!) A big thanks to her also for the lovely graphic!



Dear readers,

I love y’all! Thank you for reading my blog (and extra thanks to those who comment, y’all hold a special place in my heart)!! Thank you for being patient with me while I’ve been suffering from writers block these past few weeks (months) and for all the kind words about my novel in progress (I know I’ve left y’all on a bit of a cliff, and for that I am very sorry!) Thank y’all for helping me make over 2,000 total hits too!


Dear neighbors,

Please stop burning stuff in what is technically MY back yard! Please stop revving your engines in the middle of the night! Please stop letting your poor dog running around outside with no water in the 90* weather. I really do not like this. Also, please stop letting your kid play with a pop gun in whats technically my yard near my window at all hours, it freaks my cats out!


Dear Wheat/Gluten,

You suck. I hate you just like you hate my guts (literally!!)!! Please stop sneaking into my food via cross contamination or whatever and making me sick!!  Its very evil of you. I’d be happy to never consume you again! Also, if you could stop being in everything (not really but it feels like it) that would be awesome!!


Dear Gluten-Free Tweeps,

Thanks for being there when I get glutened, Thanks for all the helpful advice and such on good gluten-free foods and restaurants. Y’all are awesome 🙂


Dear Cats Who Own Me,

No you may NOT sleep on my keyboard, You may NOT eat my headphones, You may NOT take up my entire pillow, no matter how cute you are or what face you give me. Please don’t try giving me the ‘look’ just to get these things that you want, most of them aren’t good for you. You can however give me cuddles when I’m sad, go to sleep in funny places so I can take pics and post them for the world to see, and just be generally cute


Dear FDA,

We NEED not just want regulated Gluten-Free labeling!! Its a matter of life and health! You need to get moving on this one please! And a proper thank you to the people at 1in33.org who’ve been working so hard on making this a reality! Its hard to believe its been over a month since the awesome event and the wonderful cake! 🙂


Dear Facebook,

I’ve been cheating on you with twitter…. I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that I rarely ever use you anymore (except to post pictures) I’d say that I was sorry, only I’m not really…. Best of luck to you!