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Have you ever heard the saying “If it weren’t for bad luck I’d have no luck at all”? Well, today’s blog post idea comes from that saying….sort of. You see, I was just thinking about how if it weren’t for Celiac Disease I’d have never tried any of the new foods I now enjoy. You might remember awhile back I wrote a post tittled “My middle name should have been picky” in which I talked about how I’ve always been a very picky eater. When I was younger getting me to try new foods was like pulling teeth (probably even harder honestly) And I’ve also written a few posts about living with Celiac Disease, you can read the latest one here it has links in it to the earlier posts. I even wrote about my journey since being diagnosed with Celiac Disease and coming to (at least some form) of acceptance you can read about that here. In this post I just wanna talk about the positive things that have come from being diagnosed….


If it weren’t for Celiac Disease I would have never learned to try new foods. Just yesterday I tried something new (thanks to a suggestion from a wonderful friend) and while it isn’t my new favorite food, it was good and it’ll be an easy meal to fix in a pinch. I would have never tried lettuce wrapped sandwiches (the new thing I tried yesterday), I probably never would have tried curry, or spring onion rice noodle soup, and who knows if I ever would have tried to cook as many new foods! They don’t always turn out good, but I always have fun trying.

If it weren’t for Celiac Disease I would have never met all the wonderful gluten-free people on twitter, I also probably wouldn’t have traveled to DC last month for the 1 in 133 summit, because before being diagnosed things like proper gluten-free labeling weren’t important to me. (But we all know its a BIG DEAL)

And, if it weren’t for finally being diagnosed with Celiac Disease I’d be sick a whole lot more than I am now. Growing up I was lucky to make it a month without being in the doctors office, right now the record stands at 6 months! This last time I made it almost 5! I feel better overall, I’m not getting ‘sick’ every day anymore. And I’m sure I’m healthier now too!


What good things have come from your diagnoses (if you have Celiac Disease)? Or What good has come out of something you thought was a bad thing?


Until next time,