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Do y’all remember Saturday morning cartoons? Specifically the one’s on ‘1 Saturday Morning‘? My sister and I used to get up early on Saturday mornings to make sure we could watch all our favorite cartoons (we didn’t have a ‘disney channel’ or anything to watch cartoons on during the week) We’d watch the one’s we didn’t really like because there wasn’t anything else on so and it seemed to go good show/bad show/good show/bad show. Or at least thats how it felt back then 😛 We wouldn’t get dressed cause you had to watch the cartoons in your pjs (jim jams) and we’d eat cereal straight out of the box for breakfast. Those were the good ol’ days…

There were amazing shows like “Pepper Ann” who was too cool for 7th grade and was one in a million!

Doug actually inspired me to start keeping a journal… I wasn’t very good at it back then, but I write at least once a week now (depending on how much is going on) Doug was actually one of my favorite shows back then the movie was one of the first ones I got when I was little.

We had classics such as Recess , Filmore! , Lloyd in Space, Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, Science Court,  and then there were my all time favorite tv shows…..

Scooby-Doo Where Are You?!  was and is my favorite tv show of all time! I’ve seen them all, but I still love watching them again…Although this cartoon came on on Sunday afternoon….

And Kim Possible was amazing! I’m not totally excited about the way they ended that one… But I loved the show itself, the whole idea behind it… It was epic!

So what did you like to watch on Saturday morning? Your favorite cartoon growing up?

Until next time,