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I have a confession to make…. Its not about my obsession with twitter, or that a wore a dress last week, or even about saving money on my car insurance by switching to Geico (although I think we did save money….but thats beside the point). Its not about how I eat tacos at least one week…. (we’ve already talked about that one I think) or how I drink WAY too much Coke.  This confession is much worse than any of those, or maybe even all of them put together…. What could possibly be that bad? Much less that bad and I’d be willing to admit on a public blog post?



You might recall a few months ago I wrote a blog post titled “Real Vs. Virtual…. Books that is” in which I talked about how I preferred ‘real’ books and didn’t think I could ever go over to an e-reader….



I made the jump…..


I’ve had my Nook Color for about a month now… Maybe a little longer. And I kinda love it….a lot…..

Now, I’m not saying its replaced written books (not a chance!) I still have tons of those, and look forward to getting a few more this year as a few different authors release really good ones….

It wasn’t a decision I made lightly…. I spent a few months researching the different kinds of readers (Kindle vs. iPad vs. Nook) and I finally decided on the Nook.

Why? Why change my mind in the first place?

Well on the last trip I took my suitcase ended up being 10 pounds overweight…. Because of my books…..

And because I did the math…. I’m saving money in the long run honestly. Because there are books I wanna read, but don’t wanna pay full price for and don’t feel like waiting till it goes on sale or whatever. Getting the e-version lets me check it out and see if I wanna add it to my library. Its also great for traveling, since most of the time we travel at night after dark…. (and its lighter than books :P)

Why the Nook?

Easy: I was already a Barnes and Noble member, I love the design, love the way it works, I can read for free in store for an hour a day (makes me wish I had one closer (but then again I’m always wishing that) ) and its in color! The display looks amazing! It has Apps (although I’m waiting on more to come along….) I can listen to music on it (including pandora) It has a good battery life (I haven’t tested exactly how long yet….)

In short: I love my Nook Color, but I LOVE my real books.

Until next time,