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The hardest part (for me) of writing anything is the first sentence….. I can’t tell you how long I sit starting at the blank ‘Add New Post’ page before I actually start typing. Usually once I get that first sentence started though it tends to progress quick quickly and easy…. But you see, the problem I’m facing right now isn’t the first sentence anymore. So I’m at a bit of a loss you see. I’m talking about Midnight Run of course…. Right now its, well its stuck. If you’ve been following my blog you know I havent actually added to it in about 4 or 5 months. And I do apologize for that. The problem is I don’t know what happens next! I’m lost. I stopped at a very bad time I think, on the cusp of something…. And I don’t know how to get started again! Because you see, what happens next changes the book completely. So, I had an idea (since I started writing this blog post actually) I’m going to write the next chapter (chapter 16) in a few different ways (hopefully) and then I’m going to post them and go from there! Some of them WILL be total rubbish! But with any luck one of them might be halfway decent and then we’ll be able to get moving again! Sound good? I sure hope so, cause this is the only idea I’ve got…… The next post will hopefully be “Chapter 16 A” (or something like that) Please do let me know if you like it, and any and all suggestions and such are welcome!

Until next time,