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Yesterday was CRAZY long!! I thought we’d never get back home! We left the house a little after 6am and didn’t get home till after 8pm yesterday…. And we spent most of the day in the car….

But! Some good things:

We got some sorta good news, which is a good thing đŸ™‚

Got to hang out in Barnes and Noble for an hour or so

Ate at a restaurant that had a freaking GLUTEN FREE MENU (huge deal) AND I didn’t get sick


The highlight of the day take a look at what I found:


total win!


I totally did a happy dance in the aisle when I found these!! Totally freaking awesome!

I tried the hotdog buns for lunch (that post next) And we are probably gonna have something with the hamburger buns for supper!

Totally awesome!!!


How was your day?


Until next time,