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And they are driving me CRAZY! Our landlord decided to have work done on our roof, and without warning today a half dozen men showed up and started setting up scaffolding….. They’ve been making an awful lot of racket today (on and off) totally freaking out the cats, and just generally being annoying. Needless to say its made thinking and writing very hard. Which is why I’ve put this post off so long, and why its not really a ‘planned’ post…..

Tomorrow we head to Topeka again (bright and early, we leave at 6) and we’ll be there for awhile, but I *should* be home in time to write something….Hopefully. It just depends on how things go….

I got a lovely surprise in the mail today, a letter written by one of my best friends with a picture of us at the 1 in 133 event in May. It was totally un-expected and came along just when I needed it most. It made me think, about how awesome my God is…. I know I don’t talk about it much on my blog but he totally is. I was feeling down and he used a letter to remind me of an amazing night, an amazing friend, and how awesome he is to have planned the letter to come right when I needed it….

Well, thats pretty much all I’ve got…. Sorry its not very much today 😛 Hope everyone had an awesome day, and I’m gonna try and get ‘Chapter 16 b’ up this week!

Until next time,