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Hello again 🙂 I wasn’t quite up to posting yesterday so I thought I’d share a little recap with y’all before I get distracted and forget….. Yesterday was another early day, a 5am early day to be exact, we left for Topeka around 6am or so and it took us a little longer to get there than usual because of the detours and such.


Look, I have a halo!


Its raining, Its pouring, I wore the totally wrong outfit for this weather and was freezing.....


You mean thats not how the song goes?  Oh….


Inside the Mall's food court



It always reminds me of a castle…..


My YUMMY GF lunch (the box holds grilled strips)


The empty train going around the mall....


The road goes every on and on..... And on the way home it feels like it'll never end! 😛


Yellow Curry Noodles for supper, yeah I just ha to use my new chopsticks 😛


After a long conversation with my Uncle and Dad on Skype I decided it was almost time for bed…. But first!


Some reading! I started this one last night 🙂


btw, its that cover just lovely?


I just loved the pattern on the inside of both covers



And I just LOVED the quote on the back....


So there you have it, my day in random pictures 😛 I hope y’all had an awesome day yesterday, and that you are having an awesome day today!

Until next time,



p.s Did you notice how my family managed to stay out of all those pics? I almost got one of Briana but she moved 😛 Maybe next time, I’ll just have to be sneaky 😉