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According to plinky we are over halfway done with 2011 (can you believe it?! Feels like New Year was just the other day!) Time flies at the same time it drags along! I’ve gotten to do a LOT this year already! And I’ve had a lot of good times (and some not so good times) but theres still so much more that I want to do! The Plinky prompt was to make a list of 10 things you wanted to do before the start of 2012 so here goes…..



1.) See both of my BFF’s again

2.) See the ocean

3.) Go to Dragon*Con!

4.) Finish my summer reading list!

5.) Finish at least a rough draft of ‘Midnight Run’

6.) Get a puppy

7.) Go to a concert (classical or otherwise)

8.) Learn enough ASL to at least have a convo (even if it is finger-spelled)

9.) Go South again

10.) go ice skating



What do you want to do before 2012? What are you looking forward to during 2011?