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So, today was one of those days where I just felt like doing nothing…. In other words, a lazy day…..

I’m happy to report that the roofers have been MIA for two days now, which has been rather nice I must confess….I know they’ll have to come back eventually. But I REALLY needed a break from them 😛 They were driving me rather crazy!

So I haven’t done much today worth mentioning, cooked some food for the family, did some laundry, and read some more Jane Eyre (got invited to participate in a skype based book club tomorrow about it, hopefully I won’t make too much of a dork out of myself :P) (I’ll post about it afterwards or something…..) and here I am…. I’ve gotta go get done now the things I put off all day 😛 But hopefully I’ll have another (more well thought out/better) post for y’all later on….


Until then,