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First off I want to give a Happy Fathers Day shout-out to my awesome Dad! And I hope all the Dads/Grandpas/StepDads/etc. out there are having an awesome day! 🙂

I’ve had a change of location, and it was about time too! I’d been wanting to move for some time now but lacked the motivation to ‘get er done’ so to speak 😛 So last night (to prepare for today more or less) I moved my desk to face a wall instead of my room! It kinda separates my room into a ‘sleeping’ area and a ‘reading/working’ area which I think is rather nice….  The only downside is today I realized my desk is in full sun for most of the morning due to the placement of the skylight….So I might have to move it a little one way or the other……


A new view


Some of my books all organized 🙂



The new arrangement will make skyping much easier, and I just like the way it looks overall 🙂


Hope everyone is having an awesome Sunday 🙂

Until next time,