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Today has been one of those days, you know the kind I’m talking about, when you just want to be lazy? When you want to do absolutely nothing? I do try not to give in to those days, but every one and awhile I think everyone needs a ‘lazy day’ just to chill out…. (For the record I am not a huge fan of the “Lazy Song” but it has been stuck in my head today….perhaps a sign? 😛 ) I didn’t have anything to write about today so I picked the prompt of the day off plinky (it’ll be a sharing experience too)

How do you feel about public speaking?” In a nutshell: I HATE IT! I took speech my freshman year of college and can I just say it was awful?! I’d have a whole speech written out, get up to speak and as soon as everyone looked at me I choked, my brain locked down and I couldn’t remember anything. I mumbled a few words as quickly as I could and rushed back to my seat and resisted the urge to put my head between my knees to keep from passing out. (In my defense I was the only 15 year old in the class of ‘adults’) My speeches lasted about 30 seconds (okay so like a minute but really?) which lead me to get rather low marks on them…. My outlines got great marks and the speech prof and I had more than one discussion about my need to speak up and such.

I actually did make one speech to length…. And then I proceeded to go over 30 seconds which meant I got points taken off…


Now, after hearing all that would you be shocked to learn that I LOVE teaching? I have no problem getting up in front of a group of kids and talking, in fact I rather enjoy it. Since I started teaching I’ve even got up and made speeches in front of adults (gasp and horror!) with no problems…. I’m not sure why its different, but for me it is….

I miss teaching more than anything, and I look forward to getting to teach again sometime in the future, but for now I’m grateful that I passed speech class so I don’t have to do it again! 😛

What about you? Do you like public speaking? Do you feel faint at the thought of it?



(don’t forget, tomorrow’s Five Friday! (I really need to come up with a better name for it) so check back tomorrow!)