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Yesterday was really crazy (it was one of my sisters 13th birthday) so I didn’t get time to post this yesterday so I’m posting it today! πŸ™‚ In case you are curious about Five Friday click here to check out last weeks post and I am more than open to a catchier name if anyone can think of one….

1.) We have air conditioning (even if its only downstairs), since its been in the 100’s this is a HUGE one

2.) Got to spend some time with all of my sisters yesterday at the birthday dinner thing

3.) Got the stuff to make rice krispie treats (its been years) (I’ve never made them before)

4.) I got a haircut and I totally love how it turned out (pictures later)

5.) I am officially a licensed driver!!!! (I’m really excited about that one) I got my DL yesterday morning πŸ™‚


Theres my 5 for this week, whats yours?