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So last week (on the 4th) I made a ‘cottage pie’ and promise a few of you I’d write a blog post about it…. First the reason why I made something so obviously not american for the 4th of July…. 3 years ago I was able to spend the better part of July over in the UK and ended up trying lots of new foods while I was there, I ate the cottage pie in Bath after visiting the Roman Baths (both amazing btw) I had some great times in Europe, saw some amazing things… If I had the chance I’d do it all over again, even the bad parts…. So here goes, click the link below to keep reading

It should go without saying, But I’ll say it anyway: Read the labels every time to make sure what you are using is gluten-free!

Also, I don’t measure…… sorry about that


What follows filled two disposable ‘lasagna tins’ and fed my family of 4 (although they all ate seconds and some of them thirds…..)

You’ll need half an onion chopped up (not too fine)

About half a bag of baby carrots (or as many as you want) chopped into 1/4’s (chop it once down the middle, turn and chop across)

a can of peas

and about a pound of low far hamburger meat

and 2 or 3 cups worth of instant mashed potatoes (you can also use regular potatoes cut up…..but I didn’t have time :P)



Pre-Heat your Oven to 350

Saute the onions and carrots until soft then put them aside and start the mashed potatoes

Brown the hamburger meat (I seasoned it with some salt, pepper, chili powder, garlic powder, and cayenne)

Once the hamburger meat is done add the carrots, onions and peas into it then put into the pans (or pan depending on how big your pan is….)

Spoon/Pour the Mashed potatoes on top of the mixture and spread out till even

Then place uncovered in the oven until the potato topping has a goldeny texture

Here are some pictures!!


(I chopped the onions a little more than that…. but thats the only pic I’ve got of just them)

The Carrots and Onions before I cooked them


The Carrots, Onions, Peas, and Hamburger Cooking

The Mashed Potatoes on top of the meat mix


Here's what it looks like.... (I left some uncovered for the sister that doesn't like mashed potatoes, but she LOVED it)


Heres a cross section thats done!


heres a picture of right before I chowed down 😛


Heres what it looks like all done


If you try it let me know if you like it! 😀