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I can’t believe its Friday already! If you want to check out last week’s Five Friday click here if you want to read the story behind Five Friday click here

Five Friday is just my way of giving my blog a regular post, and of trying to reflective on the positive things (be they big or small) that have happened in the past week…. Why on Friday? Because everyone loves Friday!

1.) Finally got to see the Transformers movie, I personally thought it was the best one yet!

2.) I made a lovely ‘cottage pie’ that my family seemed to really enjoy

3.) I made gluten-free chocolate chip rice krispie treats!!! (Did I mention they had chocolate chips in them?!?)

4.) Went Mini-Golfing with my Family and wasn’t the worst player! (Although I was pretty bad….)

5.) I went on my first solo drive and didn’t run over anybody!! (I’ve been on several since :P)


I hope everyones had a great week, and if you’ve had a bad week I hope it’ll be better next weekend! Plus its the weekend!