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Everybody has something that people are surprised to learn about them…. It could be something big like a secret evil twin, or something small like the fact that they have no middle name…. (I have a middle name, but can’t comment on if I have an evil twin, or if I am in fact said evil twin….) But I think what people are most surprised to learn about me is…. (click the more button to keep reading)

my age! Funny huh? I’m always getting asked how old I am, and then people just don’t want to believe me! Or people will assume I’m MUCH younger than I actually am…. Its a bit comical to be honest, and it really only annoys me if someone flat out refuses to believe me and says I’m lying about my age… I’ve been told pretty much my whole life that one day I’d be grateful to look younger than I actually am, but to be honest I’m okay with it now…

For your amusement here are some stories about people and my age:

*working at summer camp, was babysitting a 2 year old while his Mom took care of his brother. It was middle school camp. I was 19*

Band member: Shouldn’t you be outside with the other kids?

Me: No, I’m watching him for his Mom, and its too hot for him to just be outside….

Band member: Well you should be with the other campers….

Me: I’m a sponsor…

Band member: You can’t be, you aren’t old enough

Me: I’m 19

Band member: o.o no way


*on plane a few months ago*

Guy sitting next to me: Are you 18 yet?

me: Um…. I’m 20?

Guy: NO way your older than me!?


It just keeps going on and on…. I don’t think I’ve ever had anyone guess my age correctly, and people always assume my younger sister is older than me….

What about you? What are people most surprised to learn about you?

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