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Yesterday was my second time participating in the “International Jane Austen Book Club” meeting…. I was still working on reading last months book “Jane Eyre” as I had already read this months book several times…. (Little Women) I’m still not done with Jane Eyre, I’ve got less than 50 pages left I think, but I thought I’d post a few thoughts on the book here….

(my apologies if they seem a bit rambly or anything….) (also maybe a few spoilers?)

Theres so much more to Jane Eyre than just a romance, although it does have that aspect in it, although if you asked me in person I’d probably choke and not be able to remember it (cause thats how I roll)


I think its rather interesting that while Jane is incredibly devout (as are many of the other characters) yet she still believes in fairies, and elves, and all sorts of other things. And even agrees to have her fortune told at one point. She’s still very superstitious. At one point in the book she talks about how dreaming of a child is a bad omen…. And at the same time theres a lot of mention of forgiveness and atonement in the book


I also find it interesting that Jane really wants equality and to be treated as an equal of Mr. Rochester, and at the same time even in her own thoughts she still displays the subservient manners expected of her…. Its really as if she doesn’t know how to behave as an equal….


I think my favorite part has to be just how independent Jane is, she continues to want to provide for herself even after Mr. Rochester offeres to put her up in France and just wants her to ‘laze about’ I suppose you could say she still wants to keep teaching, to keep pursuing her passions! Even if they lead her down a harder path she still wants to do things on her own…  She wants to be independent and not rely on others…


Anyway, these are just my random thoughts so far in the book…. I might have more once I finish the last little bit. Feel free to chime in with your own thoughts!


As for the book club meeting, and Little Women, it was rather good…. We had a lot of laughs and some discussion on the actual topic at hand 😉 I look forward to the next meeting (and hopefully I’ll have read the book this time!!)