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I solemnly swear I am up to no good! I think that would be my motto if I ever got my hands on a magic wand… I’d probably end up being something like the ‘twins’ with a little bit of Hermione tossed in for good measure… Does the wand have rules? Does it take special words to use? Or is it a “point and shoot” kind of deal where if I can think it I can make it? I think that would change what I ended up doing with it quite a bit….

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Now I really don’t believe in magical wands, or anything like that, but I saw this prompt on Plinky and just had to answer it “You just acquired a magic wand. What will you use it for?”  Growing up I was never allowed to read the Harry Potter books, and didn’t get to read them till I turned 18 and decided I wanted to make up my own mind regarding them. And I really ended up enjoying them!! I read all 7 in less than a week (if I remember correctly I read 7 in like 2 days?) and couldn’t figure out WHY I had been banned from reading them! Ok, yes I don’t think little kids should read them (sorry, thats just how I feel) but they have a LOT of good messages in them! About equality and not judging others based on there ‘blood’!

But I digress….

So, If I had a magical wand I think I’d use it first to help people, and then to have fun! I’d travel in the blink of an eye and do lots of the random things I can’t do now…. It would be loads of fun, and I’m sure I’d manage to get in and out of a lot of trouble along the way! lol

So what about you? What would you do?




I almost forgot!!