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Its FIVE FRIDAY!!! Gosh, its hard to believe its already Friday again! If you wanna read the back story on Five Friday click here

1.) I got my REAL Drivers License in the mail this week! Not that stupid fake paper one :p

2.) I got to see my HS choir teacher yesterday, it was at a sad occasion but it really brightened my Day… He’s a great man and always has a kind word and a hug 🙂

3.) I got to hang out with my sister (and her boyfriend :p) yesterday which is awesome cause I don’t get to see her all that much anymore

4.) The heat wave seems to have finally broke

5.) God always answers prayers, just not always when you want him too, or how you want him too


Anybody else got any Five Friday’s they wanna share?? I’d LOVE to hear them! Post them in the comments or on your blog with a link back here 😀