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As you probably know by now I have cats, if you didn’t know that stick around for a few posts (or tweets) and you most certainly will… Because I talk about my cats. A lot. This has led me to create a hashtag on twitter #lifewithcats (which others have actually started using believe it or not!!)  (shock!!!!) Here are some of my favorite #lifewithcats moments:

This is my favorite from twitter (sadly twitter doesn’t go back very far or I’d have more)


That one happens a lot…. Its usually the ‘innocent looking cat’ who does this too

I swear this is why I don’t blog more! (uh-huh)


Best way to watch TV ever


(sorry that pictures a bit awful)

Now don’t get me wrong, I totally love my cats without a doubt! But they have a tendency to sleep on things they should’t, and try to eat things they shouldn’t….

(click on the picture to go to the AWESOME main website)



(obviously I’ve never tested the making out one, but if you lay down to watch TV BAM there they are!)


My cats are also ninja’s they sneak inside things like the kitchen cabinet and hide, until you open them and then BAM there they are to scare you to death! True story

They will also kill things to leave on your pillow as ‘gifts’….yeah….

Or theres the all famous: doing a vault onto your back while you are bending over and leaving 10 inch long claw marks on you when you stand up and scream!

And don’t even get me started on the cat hair! Yikes!!

Do you have cats? (or dogs? or even kids?) Whats life with them like? Any funny stories or pictures you’d like to share? 😀 Please do!!