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Its that time again! Its time for a few letters I’ve been meaning to write only this time I wanna start off with a link back to my friend’s website (the friend who gave me the idea for this)

 <—— Isn’t that an epic little picture? Just click on it to go to her blog! 😀

If you wanna read parts 2 and 1 go here and follow the links back ^-^


Dear Mother Nature,

I believe you should see a doctor about this over-heating thing…. 101 + everyday is getting WAY old! Its too hot, yes I know its summer, but this is crazy…. Please cool down to a semi-decent temp (ya know even the 90s would be better) A little rain would awesome!

Sincerely~ Everyone who lives where its hot


Dear Government,

HURRY UP!!!!!!!! 

~That is all


Dear Blogger Friends,

Y’all are awesome, such an awesome encouragement for me to continue blogging, and I love reading your blogs everyday (or whenever you post)

Much Love


To the person who sent me the lovely frog card,


THANK YOU! It was really sweet and thoughtful and I really appreciate it (I’ma try to get a picture of it up here sometime this next week) Keep up the good work blogging too!

Many Hugs


Dear Reader,

Thanks for reading! I hope you decide to come back and read again! If you leave a comment or a ‘like’ I’ll make sure and take a look around your blog too 🙂