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WARNING: This post might be a bit long, but thats okay since I didn’t post anything yesterday right? :p

I know awhile back (think January) I did a rather bad post about nicknames, but this ones going to be a bit different (and hopefully it’ll be way better…. But you’ll have to be the judge of that!)

Ya see, they call me polarbearscooby…… And I’m gonna tell you why!

A long long time ago in a galaxy much like our own…..    Oops, wrong story sorry about that…. Ahem

About 12 years ago or so when I lived in Georgia I got the nickname “polarbear” (or PB for short) the hard way….. It was a COLD winters day, between Christmas and New Years I believe, and it had recently snowed (something it didn’t do often back then) and the snow was still on the ground! My sister and I were out playing when she decided we needed to look for her pregnant cat (who btw is Galadriel’s grandmother, and I do believe she was pregnant with Galadriel’s mom) cos she was afraid the cat might be too cold….. So off we went in search of this giant pregnant cat…..

Naturally we went to check at my (great) Uncle’s house, don’t ask me why cos I don’t even remember at this point…. My Uncle had a pool inside a REALLY tall fence that Kathy and I weren’t allowed to go inside, so guess where the cat was?

If you guessed inside the forbidden fence then you are correct!

It was then decided that I should go get the cat before she slipped and fell into the pool (which was frozen over) so being the good sister than I am I headed in to get the cat….. I walked up the steps onto the deck carefully as they were covered in a layer of ice and snow and spotted the cat on the other side of the deck close to the pool…. So I headed to get her….

I reached for the cat and slipped (of course) and fell into the pool breaking the layer of ice on my way down…. Kathy had to help pull me out and by the time we got half-way back to my Grandma’s house my pants were too frozen for me to walk, we had to break the ice off my pants so I could keep walking…. One of my Mothers friend’s decided that even though it was December 31st I should still be an honorary polarbear (traditionally you jump on the 1st of Jan) and the name kinda stuck….


So thats the first part, and if you are still reading I congratulate you! Now for the second part which is quite possibly a bit shorter but more personal…..

I love Scooby-Doo, I have since I was 7 years old… I use to rush home on Sunday after church so I could watch an hour of Scooby-Doo Where are You?! On TV (I even once managed to talk my mom into taping a 48 hour long marathon)

Scooby is my favorite character hands down, I’ve had (okay still have) stuff Scooby’s, Scooby blankets, Scooby sheets, Scooby stickers, a Mystery Machine lunchbox (that I carried with me to college last year), Scooby Clothes, Scooby shoes (gosh I miss those shoes) if you name it, and it had Scooby on it, I probably owned it at one point or another….

But why Scooby-Doo?

Its quite simple really…. Because He was afraid. Scooby was so afraid, of everything! Even his own shadow at times! And I could totally relate to him, because I was (okay AM!) afraid of a lot of things…. BUT Scooby had something more

He had courage!!

Even though Scoob was afraid, that didn’t stop him from rushing in head first to save his friends when they needed him! He’d brave his biggest fears to save or help his friends in need, he gave me the courage to do the same…. (If that sounds corny oh well…. its the truth) For me Scooby was the bravest person in the whole world, and I wanted to be just like that….


And thats the story behind polarbearscooby (or PB for short) I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about it and learning just a little bit about me….