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So I really (really) couldn’t think of anything to post yesterday, and today ain’t looking any better…. Sorry about that. So I’ve found this prompt on dailypost about ‘Describing your dream house‘ and thought I’d give it a shot….

My Dream Home (assuming money and space weren’t an option):

I love this style of house, more than any other by a few miles…. I love the two story wrap around porch! Its top on my list!

It would also have:

A HUGE library that opened out into a sun room with floor to ceiling bookcases full of books

Every bedroom would have an en suite bathroom

There would be a bathroom downstairs off of the kitchen and off the living room

There would be a state of the art kitchen, that still had a bit of a rustic feel to it, with a bar behind the stove opening into a huge dining room so that while cooking you could socialize (while throwing parties of course!)

The master bedroom/bathroom would have doors opening onto the upper porch along with sun lights and bay windows (and ceiling fans) with plenty of floor space, and of course more book shelves 🙂 The bathroom would have a heated floor

There would be a grand staircase in the front of the house, and a spiraling staircase in the back of the house

The living room would be near the front of the house and have HUGE bay windows and a nice homey feel to it

It would have natural hard-wood floors

(the house would also be down a LONG driveway lined with plenty of trees with a hammock in the back yard :P)

yeah….. lol So whats your dream house?

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