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Hey yall! Sorry I’ve been awol this week *hides in shame* I was away on a sorta trip, then I had a friend over, and now I’ve been sick…. So heres the link to last week and heres this weeks

1.) I got to visit barnes and noble!! (aka the BEST place on EARTH!!!)AND I got new books!! (which I haven’t even had time to read :-/ )

2.) A friend of mine got to spend a few nights with me! I haven’t seen her in forever

3.) I got new plates and such for our kitchen

4.) I FINALLY got a new cookware set 😀 (I’ve never had one, lol but still!!)

5.) We FINALLY got a microwave, I say finally cos ours died 3 years ago and we’ve been putting it off forever….


There ya go, theres my Five Friday…. Sorry its late, and that I’ve been AWOL and everything….

Hopefully I’ll be back to posting normally soon!!!