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Well earlier today Galadriel went back to the hospital to be checked on because she wasn’t eating or drinking anymore and just wasn’t acting like herself…. I was starting to get really worried since she hadn’t drank since Wednesday so I called the hospital yesterday and they said to bring her in first thing today

Turns out that she has septicemia and the area where she had a tooth removed has developed an ulcer

She was in a LOT of pain this AM so the doctor gave her a shot of steroids with a pain medicine in in along with a shot of strong antibiotics and some fluids

I must say even tho it freaked her out she started to feel better quickly! She perked way up on the way home, and then as soon as we got home she wanted to eat!!! She ate some food and then drank some water!

She feels so much better! She’s not 100% yet, but shes eating and drinking…. Which is a huge plus!

She has a check up appointment in a week and I’ll let you know what he says then

I’d like to thank everyone who asked about her and prayed for her/sent good thoughts…. Its been a rough week and its really helped to know people were thinking of her! 🙂

Thank y’all!!