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7 years ago (plus a few months and days) I was adopted by a little kitten, this kitten would grow up to be Galadriel C

I have spent the last seven years getting asked the same question OVER AND OVER again… Which is more than a little disappointing to this nerd, but alas it is what it is…. “What kind of name is that?” and “How do you pronounce that?” or “Where did you come up with that?”

This has been especially true this past week as Galadriel got a new doctor and nurses (I had them call me quite a few times just to ask how to pronunce her name…..) I ended up giving one of the girls permission to call her “Galad” (GAlad NOT Glad like the emotion! ) because she couldn’t for the life of her pronounce Galadriel! Most of them have never even heard of her! Or seen the movies!!! Much less read the books! How sad is that???

Galadriel is the elf queen from the Lord of the Rings books written by J.R.R Tolkien!! Come on people!

This scene right here is why I decided to name my kitten Galadriel: (watch to the end for the pronunciation)

As a kitten (and even now) Galadriel was (is) fascinated with her reflection, in mirrors, water, glass, anywhere she can see it…. So it was just natural in my mind that she should be called Galadriel (I had just finished reading the Fellowship of the Ring that week actually as well lol) She had these great big beautiful eyes (still does) and a ‘crown’ on her head (the stripes)

So there ya go, the story of how Galadriel got her name…. Another time perhaps we shall go down the “how she adopted me” road, but that is a long story in its own right…

As for how she’s doing today: She is LOTS better, shes still really worn out, and not 100% herself, you can tell her mouth is bothering her, but she’s still eating and drinking! So thats good! Thank y’all for your prayers

Tomorrow we shall return to our regularly scheduled randomness 🙂