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Hello All!

I thought you’d like to meet my puppy Daine! For more info on the character Daine was named after click here: http://tamorapierce.wikia.com/wiki/Veralidaine_Sarrasri  (it’ll also tell you how to pronounce it!)

Veralidaine Sarrasri (pronounced vehr-AHL-ee-dayn SAHR-rah-sree)

Daine and her Polarbear!

Daine and her dragon Kitten!


Awwwwww ❤



She’s such a sweet little baby!!

At the moment we don’t know what ‘breed’ she is, but we are thinking about getting her tested next month to find out!

She’s 7(ish) weeks old 🙂 And we just LOVE her

This is why I’ve been awol lately, I’ve been spending a lot of time with Daine 🙂

If you’d like you can follow Daine on twitter here: @VeralidaineC