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Hello All,

Its been quite awhile hasn’t it?

Life has been really and truly crazy! So sadly my blog has fallen by the wayside so to speak

I think raising a puppy is much like having a newborn, only you can take newborns into the store with you :p For the first week Daine had me up about every two hours to go potty, thankfully now we are down to just once or twice a night! She is FINALLY feeling better after having kennel cough and then a cold! (poor baby!) and is growing like a weed! She’s in obedience class and doing amazingly! (especially considering her age) And I’ve got a few 1,000 pictures of her….. What?! She’s cute!

Galadriel’s surgery and recovery went good, she had a rough patch (I’m pretty sure I told you about) but now she is back to her old self again! (Even better since her tooth doesn’t hurt anymore) And she seems to be adjusting well to her “little sister”


Okay, so now its your turn! What kind of posts would you like? Questions? Thoughts? I wanna hear them all!! 😀 So leave a comment, drop me an email, or send me a tweet! 🙂


And now for some puppy pictures!

Look at that sweet face! On our way home for the first time!


Daine and Kitten


Look how small she was! Just 3 weeks ago!


Daine's First Trip to the Park!!




Going to class yesterday


Daine LOVES carrying a leaf


Daine yesterday! Look how big she's getting!


If you wanna see all the pics of her (okay not all, but a lot) you can click here