Hello! Do you remember me? If not thats okay… Its been quite some time since I posted, and even longer still since I posted on a daily basis…. I apologize for that life has a way of getting in the way, and sidetracking us doesn’t it? And while I can’t go back and make up for all the lost time and posts I hope I can start over again and finish out the year with a good record! : )

So much has happened since we last talked and theres no way I can tell you all of it, but I can give you a little recap:

Daine is growing up SO fast, she’s about 30 pounds now and stands almost as high as my knee! o.o She’s already 17 weeks old and its hard to believe we adopted her 11 weeks ago last Friday!!!

Galadriel and Baby tolerate her to an extent, Galad more than Baby, and Galadriel’s health has been fine since her surgery (something I’m very thankful for)

Went on a little vacay for my 21st birthday to the DC area to see some friends, and while things didn’t go as planned and it had some rough patches I did have a good time….

So how have y’all been?