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Hello All! Today I have a rather funny story to share with y’all that I mentioned on twitter yesterday so sit back, and make sure you aren’t drinking anything you wouldn’t want to go thru your nose 😉

I am out of town this weekend, we had some important Doctors things in 3 different cities each of which are 3+ hours from my house, yet they are all less than 2 hours from each other. So we decided to stay in a hotel in one. This was Daine’s (aged 18 weeks) first roadtrip, her first overnighter, her first hotel, and her very first elevator ride. A lot of firsts for one so young, but she’s handled it well! The first part of our story starts with the elevator…..

We got to the hotel after MANY hours of travel time and while Dad went to get the kids and luggage from our car I decided to go ahead and take Daine to the room so she could run around some as she was just bursting at the seems with energy, and so that I could check out the room and make sure they didn’t goof and put us in the wrong one (its been none to happen before trust me)

I managed to get across the lobby and into the elevator with no incident (unless you count stupid adults who lean down to pet her without asking totally messing with her training that she isn’t supposed to jump on people but whatever) and as soon as I stepped into the elevator I realized that Daine had never been in one before, and since she HATES small spaces I was a bit worried how she’d react.

Thankfully we only had to go to the 3rd floor and it was a fairly quick ride, we were totally alone in the elevator and she spent the whole time running around in circles freaking out a bit. And when those doors opened on the 3rd floor she BURST out and ran right into this guy. Who was wearing a bright red shirt, and who’d been standing right up against she door. I apologized many times explaining she was just a puppy and it was her first time on an elevator and it had scared her a bit, he said it was no problem, petted her some, and went on his way saying she was a cute dog (most everyone does)

Flash Forward about an hour:

Dad had went downstairs to pick up the kids supper, and I’d told him about the incident, lo and behold guess who he shared an elevator up with? Yep. Mr. Redshirt himself! Who started out the elevator small talk with the usual “what floor” “3” “me too”


“I was waiting for this elevator earlier” said Mr. Redshirt “on the 3rd floor ya know, and as soon as the doors open this GIANT {his words not mine} dog burst out and jumped right on me! This woman said it was the dogs first time in an elevator and I swear it was so big his paws sat on my chest!” {authors note: Daine is 18 weeks old, she weighs about 35 pounds, and on her back paws her nose reaches just above my hip and I’m 5 foot 3}

The guy went on for a little while, and then Dad said:

“That was my daughter and her dog, she’s just a puppy only 16-17 weeks old {dads only a little off!}…It was her first time in an elevator”

“What kind of dog is that?!?! She was huge!!!”

“Some kind of terrier mix” {dad didn’t feel like explaining the whole thing}

“Thats gonna be one big dog someday….”


Mr. Redshirt is no doubt by now wandering around the hotel telling anyone who will listen about how he was nearly mauled to death by a HUGE black puppy in an elevator…. Gotta love fish stories, they get bigger every time they are told….

My big vicious dog (hahaha) picked out a new toy yesterday, and after she begged for it and carried it around the entire store by herself I said she could have it. I swear I didn’t name this thing myself, its embroidered right on the front of the toy, its called….a wubba….. She’s obsessed with it and it makes her happy so thats a good thing, especially as much as she’s been stuck in the car lately.

Thats all I have for today! Hope you enjoyed my fish story ; )

Thanks for reading

Kristi and Daine