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okay not really….

After our adventures in traveling over the weekend I was hoping that Sunday would be an easy day, a day of rest and getting back to a routine for Daine… Alas that was not to be….

Yesterday around 10am Mr. Chesterfield picked a fight with Daine and smacked her in the face and cut her eye, we couldn’t tell at the time if Chester had cut Daine’s actual eye, her tear duct, or her eye lid…. But it looked like Daine was crying blood and needless to say I was pretty worried about it since cat scratches can get infected SO easily (you might remember Galadriel scratching her own eye a few months back) so we called her normal Banfield and wouldnt you know it, they were closed till Tuesday!! So we called our next closest one (in Tulsa which is 2 hours away from here) and asked if they thought she should be seen today or if she could wait till Tuesday. And they recommended she be seen today so she could get antibiotics for her eye to prevent infection and see how deep the cut was… So we packed up the car and headed out for a 2 hour drive (haha giligans island comes to mind….)

We got to the vets with no incidents (other than a very sad looking puppy and two semi-grumpy kids) and after a short wait the vet came in to meet Daine! I have to say hands down she’s the best vet we’ve ever seen and if she was a little closer to where we lived we’d make her our primary vet! The first time she came in she came in just to see Daine, to meet her and got down on the floor and played with her! Daine totally loved her right away and wasn’t afraid at all (although she didn’t like having her eyes looked at) and was actually too excited to do the exam the first time, the doctor had to leave and come back lol

After much work to hold her still and a dye test we discovered that she did in fact have a shallow cut on her eye, so we have some lovely antibiotic gel/paste/creme stuff to put in Daine’s little eye 2-3 times a day…. And a cone…. yeah…. Poor Baby! She only has to wear the cone if she scratches at it, and so far she’s working really hard not to do that again after all the cats mocked her cone head

Of course Daine still wants to give Chester kisses and cuddles and we can’t figure out why he’s suddenly so violent to her (They used to be the best of friends) so while Daine is on the mend we are having to keep them separated so she doesn’t get a scratch in her other eye! *phew*

So that was my weekend how about yours?

(btw in other news Daine is now 19 weeks old and weighs 29/30 pounds! omg!!)

Kristi and a sad eyed Daine