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Some have suggested that I have a mini zoo *cough* Obscured Vixen *cough*

And she’s probably right… Either a zoo or a 3 ring circus I’m not sure which yet…. Between helping my Dad take care of my two sisters (Emily (13) and Briana (12)) and our cats, and then the addition of my puppy Daine it was really starting to feel like a zoo around here! No joke! Daine’s finally started to settle into her life here, and has made amazing strides in her training and such…. So of course just as things started to calm down and fall into place something would come up… Or someone

Yesterday afternoon as Daine and I were playing outside in our yard (Daine on her 20 foot leash) this tiny (ish) dog/puppy walked right up to me with the saddest look in her eyes of “help” I could count every one of her ribs, and she was just freezing… (it was in the 20s yesterday I believe) I couldn’t just leave her in the yard to starve, so I put Daine in the house and got some dog food and lured her onto our enclosed porch… She’s seriously friendly and fairly calm for a dog whose been living on her own for so long….

So after much discussion and debating Dad and I decided to let her stay inside tonight and we are taking her to the vet this afternoon, our goal is to either find her owners if she ran away, or nurse her back to heath and find her a forever home, or become her forever home…. (I’ve already had several people mention to me about Daine getting a sister for Christmas, we don’t know about that, we just want her to have the best home possible either with us or a family of her own)

Please cross your fingers and pray that she doesn’t need too much health care, other than being starved she appears healthy…. I’ll spare you all the gory details but keep you posted…. And without further ado here are some pics for you to “Awwww” over

Look at that face (and those poor ribs....)


How could I say no?


Yeah... Breaks my heart too


Thankfully the redness in her lips isn't as bad as it was....


~*~Kristi Zoo Keeper