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Seriously, my zoo needs its own name and gift shop!! Its taking on a life of its own….

Last night I took Beka to the vet to get her checked for a microchip and see how she was doing… She doesn’t have a microchip so she’s staying with us “for awhile” until she is back on her foot…. And she can stay with us if its the best home for her (ie: she gets along with all our pets and is happy here)

As far as her health goes the vet says she is in GREAT health for someone whose been homeless and starving, her only issue is the (possible) road rash on her face and some scratches in her ears! Shes a very lucky puppy! We went ahead and got her shots and everything, she’s got a pretty harness and collar to hold her tags and her very first toy it seems! (Which she is learning to play with)

At the moment we are working on figuring out the best way to introduce Beka and Daine and let them play in a way that no one will get hurt!

I’ll try to add more pics and update some more tomorrow, right now I’m totally worn out….

Zoo Keeper Kristi

(perhaps I should start a blog called Kristis Zoo… Thoughts?)