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Dear Santa,

How was your summer? Nice I hope…. Lets just skip the whole part where I promise I’ve been nice all year, cos lets face it I had my moments…. But I was mostly good, I didn’t burn anything down, and everyone is still alive : D

That being said I have one wish for Christmas this year, thats right just the one….

For Christmas this year all I want are….socks…..

Thats right socks, but not just any old socks, no sir re bob! I want a pair of magical socks! I want a pair of magical socks that the dyer won’t be able to eat, that the dogs won’t be able to rip holes in, that never get a funky smell, that will never end up being just one sock because the other one has fallen off the face of the earth while you were asleep and even though you checked under the bed and even moved the bed you still can’t find the freaking sock!

Please Santa I am begging you, all I want for Christmas is a pair of socks! I’m not asking for world peace (although I think the world would be a more peaceful place if we weren’t always looking for socks!), or millions of dollars, I just want a pair of socks…. Thats all!

Thank you in advance!




P.S Say Hello to Mrs. Claus for me! And the elves and reindeer!